Subscription Withdrawals

It hasn’t even been a full week since I mailed out my last Le Tote box and returned my Dress of The Month, and I’m already finding life just a bit sadder without subscriptions. At this moment I have nothing to open. Nothing to try. Nothing to review.

Now, I’m sure once I get home I will be delightfully surprised to find a new Le Tote, my first Beauty Box 5, or even my first Book of the Month. But the wait is almost as unbearable as waiting for a hot guy to text you back. (That’s right hubby, I’m talking about you here!)

Last week I signed up Book of the Month – I really need to do something about that reading goal of mine. For less than $10 a month I get to pick between 5 new hardcover releases. I can also add additional books and book lovers swag to my delivery at a discount. Considering a new book can cost between $15 and $30 bucks, I’m in!

Also last week, I volunteered as a subscription box reviewer at Find Subscription Boxes, in an attempt to get some free stuff for doing what I already do. Right now it hasn’t panned out to more than a bunch of annoying emails trying to sell me subscriptions, but I can wait. If it weren’t already so cumbersome to manage work, personal, and school emails, I’d probably set up another just for my subscriptions (because damn, do they blow up my inbox!), but I can barely keep up with the few I already have.


As for now, I wait, very impatiently for the next box to be delivered. Guess I could use this time to read a book or something.


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