Seven years, three attempted majors, and one associates degree later I am no where in my career that I anticipated. I initially went to school thinking I’d be in a creative field but ended up in accounting of all things.

Now, this is not a complaint. I happen to love my job, the people I work with and for, and the challenges I get to face.  However, the creative outlet is limited.

Which brings us to 24 Pages Too. The original brand was 24 Pages Per Second, which critically looked at books and the movies they were made into. It was fun project for class, that I carried out for another year or so with friends, but lost momentum. I’ve since adopted the brand for all my crafty stuff.

In 2015 I got engaged (married in 2016) and put all the crafting and hobbies aside for wedding planning. I shut down the original site, lost log in credentials for the subsequent blog, and am now starting fresh.

In this one place I’m compiling my favorite recipes, all my crafty projects, my obsession with fashion/make-up subscriptions, and my ranting and ravings of books, movies, and anything else I feel compelled to write about.

Stay tuned for delicious eats, discounts on subscriptions, and maybe craft or reading inspiration.